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to IBEW 229, Affiliated Electricians of York, Pennsylvania Whether it’s a multimillion dollar project requiring dozens of skilled electricians, a specialized project, or a small commercial job IBEW 229 and our associated contractors have the high value, high performance skilled craftsmen you need to make your project a success! Please contact us with your questions!

The IBEW 229 Advantage

As a Corporation interested in expanding or a developer interested in new construction, one common concern is getting the best value for your investment dollar. As defined in Webster’s, “value” means “the monetary or relative worth of something or the degree of excellence”. That degree of excellence is exactly what you get when using IBEW 229 electricians & technicians.

By far, our experienced highly trained professionals deliver your project on time and on budget. IBEW Local 229 electricians & technicians take pride in their commitment to our industry, to our contractors and to the end user. We are the best trained most productive workers in the industry, bar none. IBEW Local 229 electrical workers get the job done right the first time! We are the premier electricians and technicians for York and Adams County Pennsylvania! Read More

Keep in mind that we are a full service organization to the electrical industry! IBEW 229 goes beyond just commercial and industrial electrical construction and maintenance offering diversity guaranteed to meet your needs. Included within our ranks are a complete Tele Data Division and a Commercial/Residential Division. Our members are experienced in various specialized skills within our trade such as fire alarm, HVAC control installations, high voltage installations,solar photovoltaics, power quality, alternative energy, industrial automation, infrared imaging, UPS installation and much more! You can be confident that your project will be given the priority and expertise it deserves, from start to finish.
As an end user, you can rest assured that your project expectations will be met when working together with IBEW Local 229
Whether it’s a multimillion dollar project requiring dozens of skilled electricians, a specialized project, or a small commercial job IBEW 229 and our associated contractors have the high value, high performance skilled craftsmen you need to make your project a success!
So if securing the most cost effective, timely turn around for your project interests you, then start with a trusted and proven resource, IBEW 229 electricians & technicians; your blueprint for success!

PLease contact us with your questions!

Matt Paules, Business Manager IBEW 229

IBEW 229 News

  • Local 229 ANNUITY FUND Education Meeting



    IBEW Local Union 229 Annuity Fund Education Meeting

    When : Tuesday, July 29th at 7 pm

    Where : IBEW Local Union 229

                   555 Willow SPrings Lane

                   York, Pa 17406

    Meeting Topics:

    • Plan Highlights
    • Account Access
    • Invesment Concepts
    • Setting a strategy
    • Questions/Discussion

    As you know Local 229 has contracted with BPA as our new Annuity plan investment manager. The intent of this meeting is to provide members with some basic education regarding your annuity funds, hiighlights of the plan, investing and planning for your retirement. I urge all memberrs to attend. Open to all members and spouses.


    Matthew Paules

    Business Manager

  • I.B. Abel Inc. reaches its 100th year in business!

    I.B. Abel Inc. has been providing electrical contracting services to York County Pennsylvania and surrounding area since 1913. They are now the oldest electrical contractor in Central Pennsylvania and also one of the largest. The company has humble beginnings from when it was founded by Israel Borger Abel and his son Norm Abel in 1913 as an appliance business. Israel and Norm also got involved in electrical contracting due to the severe need for safe wiring in people’s houses to support appliance installs. The company soon turned most of its attention to electrical contracting by 1923 and became a union electrical contractor. The company has survived trough the great depression, the deaths of the founders, and being sold. As I.B. Abel continues on into the 21st century we can only be excited at what the next 100 years can bring. Congratulations I.B. Abel. Inc. on your 100th year in business!

    To find out more about I.B Abel's services visit their website at -


  • Labor Holds Strong, As State House Recesses For The Summer



    July 3, 2014

    After a difficult week of budget negotiations and votes in both chambers of the general assembly, the gavel came down last night, and the State House recessed for the summer, without floor votes attacking workers through privatization, pension reform, or paycheck protection.

    “Our slogan has always been, ‘your fight is our fight,’ and the solidarity demonstrated by the labor movement over this legislative session has embodied that mantra,” said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale.

    In spite of late efforts to revive “Paycheck Protection” and liquor privatization, and Corbett’s demand for action on so-called “Pension Reform,” the labor movement remained unified and steadfast, bolstered by the activism of our membership.

    “The fact that we have endured nearly four years of failed leadership from Tom Corbett without suffering the consequences of the worst legislative attacks that this administration brought upon us, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our 800,000 rank and file members across the Commonwealth,” said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.

    In the past month alone, you have made tens of thousands of phone calls, send thousands of letters, and flooded legislators’ Capitol and District offices with e-mails and faxes.  Your messages and in-office visits made the difference.

    It’s important to remember that even though the legislature is out on recess at the moment, that they will come back, and that these fights are not over yet.  With that in mind, we hope that all of you will consider the difficult legislative session we have faced, and the effort that it took on all of our parts to avert disaster.  Consider what the next legislature might look like if we put that same effort into the next four months leading up to election day!