Dallastown Highschool Solar Project

Local 229 Electricians employed by Ray Angelini, Inc. (RAI) have completed the first roof mounted solar array on a public school in York County. The project at Dallastown High School consisted of 2,067 panel's creating a 505 Kilo-Watt system.

The scope of work included adding switch gear to the existing service, running over 1,700 feet of 4 inch conduit through the existing building to tie into the new transformer and inverters on the other side of the school where all the solar panel's tie in. The whole system is held down to the roof with 8,284 "ballast blocks" each weighing 90 pounds.

Local 229 electricians worked evenings and weekends to complete certain tasks so the general operations at the school were never interrupted.

Don Petersen, project foreman for RAI gave nothing but praise for the crew of electricians that he had from Local 229 who dealt with continual bad weather conditions to make the deadline for the project a challenge. But with the professional expertise of a contractor like Ray Angelini, Inc. partnered with electricians of Local 229 the deadline was met along with a high quality installation. Local 229 and RAI are proud to have been a part in this project and glad to have served another happy customer.

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York County