President's Message: 2023 Construction & Maintenance Conference

The IBEW Construction and Maintenance conference is an annual gathering of our Union's leadership in Washington DC, and this year, attendees witnessed a historic moment as our new President, Kenny Cooper, steps up to the podium for the very first time, igniting a transformative era for our Union. President Kenny Cooper's resounding message was received by all, resonating with the urgency of North America's electrical revolution. With President Biden's visionary "Build Back Better" plan at the forefront, the IBEW stands poised to seize a wealth of unprecedented opportunities. Picture it now: a surge of thousands of jobs cascading into the hands of the IBEW, propelling our members to new heights of success. 

But it doesn't end there. President Kenny Cooper has boldly set an ambitious goal: to welcome one million new IBEW members into our family within the next five years. This goal involves each member and chapter, calling them to rise to the occasion and make their mark on history.